3 Crazy Hair Myths That We All Need To Stop Believing | Beauty tips, hair tips, hair growth, long hair, healthy hair


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Hair Myth #1: You Can Fix Split Ends With The Right Products

No hair product can bind split hair back into one piece. The only way of truly repairing your split ends is with a haircut.

If you can’t bare the thought of losing any length in your hair, use binding serums, such as the Kérastase Resistance Serum. This can help temporarily seal your ends and make your mane appear healthier. A good word of advice though — do your best to not hold off on a trim for too long as the split will continue up the hair shaft and damage the entire strand.


Hair Myth #2: Plucking A Grey Hair Will Make More Grow In Its Place

Tweezing a grey hair doesn’t have any affect on other greys. If a couple of greys seem to pop out of the same area, they were going to surface regardless.

The issue with plucking hair strands is that you can definitely rid yourself of the grey hair temporarily, but the hair follicle will push a new one out to replace the one you’ve removed anyway. And if you keep plucking away, you can eventually end up with bald spots. No bueno.

The best things you can do for grey hair is either: a) invest in a temporary hair mascara, b) dye your hair, or c) embrace those salt and pepper locks.


Hair Myth #3: A Cold Water Rinse Seals The Cuticle + Makes It Shinier

I hear this one getting thrown around so often! Even at hair salons. The truth of the matter is, once the hair has grown out of the scalp, it is dead tissue — there are no nerves or blood vessels. Hair strands contain no living cells, thus it doesn’t react any differently to cold or hot water.

What does react, however, is your scalp. Cold water constricts your blood capillaries and can actually be harmful to your hair growth.

So this leads us to needing a real way to smooth our hair cuticles. Your best options are to invest in a high quality conditioner and styling product that contain oils and/or silicones, such as the Moroccan Oil Smoothing Conditioner and S Factor’s Smoothing Lusterizer.


Hope this has helped to dispel some rumours! What hair myths did you grow up believing?