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Blogging Tips

5 Quick Grammar Tips for Bloggers: Improve Your Writing

5 Easy Grammar Tips for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

  We can all improve one way or another when it comes to our writing abilities. Although I do believe I have an excellent command of the English language, my grammar is no where near perfect because… Well, I don’t write the way I… write. I write the way I talk. So when I write my content, […]

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10 Gifts for the Female Blogger and Entrepreneur

Why I Switched Over To WP Engine

  Are you ready for everyone’s favourite time of the year? Perhaps this year is the year you’ve told yourself you’ll finally stop shopping for gifts last minute. I mean, that’s what I do every year. And admittedly, last year my gifts were purchased 4 days before Christmas. This year my goal is to have everything completed 2 […]

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