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What does NIALOGIQUE mean?

Nialogique is a play on French words.

‘logique’ = logic / Nia’s logic
‘biologique’ = organic / Organically Nia


What is your diet like?

I’m an ovo-vegetarian.


What are your favourite superfoods?

E3 Live Blue Majik
He Shou Wu
Blackstrap Molasses


What skin care products do you use?

Green Beaver Facial Cleanser
Penny Lane Sensitive Skin Serum
Green Beaver Boreal Face Cream (during the wintertime)
Activated Charcoal (for use as a mask)

Shea Butter
Coconut Oil


What hair care products do you use?

Herbal Glo Psoriasis Shampoo
EVOLVh Moisture Conditioner
Alaffia Leave-In Conditioner


How do I go about starting my own blog?

Head on over here!


How long have you been blogging + do you blog full-time?

Since 2016 and yes, I do!


What blogging resources + tools do you use/recommend?

Domain Name: Go Daddy
Website Hosting: Bluehost (for beginners/hobbyists), WP Engine (for those who are serious about blogging)
Email Marketing: ConvertKit, LeadPages
Social Media Management: Tailwind