Now, 30,000 monthly users doesn’t seem like much for some of the big league bloggers, but for me this is huge. I never could have imagined that a handful of people, let alone 30,000 would have absolutely any interest in what I was writing about.

I started blogging out of an attempt to release any creativity I may have not been accessing. I mean, I got to a point in my life where I felt like I was such a creative individual but I had absolutely no creative outlet, and it started to make me feel antsy and perhaps even… dull? This website has allowed me to write and research and constantly look forward to something. No day has been the same!

I began this blog from scratch. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, let alone being the puppeteer of a self-hosted blog. I spent hundreds of hours reading and learning the ins and outs of the blogging world. Don’t get me wrong — I still have thousands of hours to learn more from, but it’s incredible what 4 months of hard work and consistency can manifest. I’ve taught myself how to build a webpage, optimize my Pinterest, use SEO, implement security backups (yes, you also will be attempt-hacked), properly cite and credit my work, become a google analytic specialist, marketer, social media manager, and about 10 dozen more things I never thought I would do, let alone be able to do. Needless to say, I’m completely and utterly passionate about this line of work.


How Nialogique Got 30,000 Monthly Users Within 4 Months

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Feb 1st – 29th (1st month):

Feb 1 - 29 Nialogique Traffic

Mar 1st – 31st (2nd month):

Mar 1 - 31 Nialogique Traffic

Apr 1st – 30th (3rd month):

Apr 1 - 30 Nialogique Traffic

May 1st – 31st (4th month):

May 1 - 31 Nialogique Traffic


How I Reached 30,000 Monthly Users


Read Read Read

Beginning my blog, I knew I would have to do tons of research, but never would I have imagined reading so much. I probably read about 10-15 articles a day now, 80% of which are on how to maximize my blog’s success. However, if you asked me a year ago to read that much, I would have laughed at you and told you to go away. The difference now is that passion is involved, thus, it doesn’t seem like a chore, but excitement! I guess it’s true what they say: when you love what you do, it will never feel like a burden.


80/20 Rule

When I first began blogging, I was trying to write 4-5 blog posts a week! Not only were they low quality, but they had no heartiness or soul to them. With my dedication to self-educating myself in the blog world, I learned about the 80/20 rule. 80% promotion, 20% creation. Lately I haven’t written much and my reader numbers have been climbing higher and higher by the day. Guess who only wrote 2 blog posts in all of May? This girl right hur. Hoooowever, I would like to note that I will be aiming for at least 3-4 blog posts per month for future’s sake. As time goes on, I’d like to focus on becoming a sharper writer and create cordon bleu content whilst still being able to pump them out weekly. Your audience would much rather prefer to read (and stick around) on blog posts which are lengthy and informative, than come across a poor, 150 word blog post with improper formatting and insufficient content. What I’m getting at, is that if you’re not super sonic bionic creative writer supreme, it’s important to focus on creating quality content vs just getting content out there, until you get better. And don’t worry — You will! With consistent practice you’ll eventually become a blogging ninja.



Over 90% of Nialogique’s monthly users come from Pinterest. Pinterest is not only a form of social media, but it’s also a massively powerful search engine. This works to your advantage immensely, bloggers. Do not underestimate the power of a pin! In between participating in multiple group boards, pinning my content regularly via Tailwind (more below), optimizing my pins to the max, and being an active participant, my content has been able to go viral and I’ve been receiving loads of traffic (from cool peeps like you)! Here are my stats via Pinterest analytics:
Pinterest Analytics for Nialogique



Scheduling your posts is so important. If you ever see my posts circulating through my group boards 24 hours out of the day and think to yourself that I’m on Pinterest all of the time — You are very mistaken! I’ve tried various schedulers and Tailwind has by far been my favourite one. I purchased the annual membership ($10/month) which allows you to post unlimited pins each month for the duration of your plan. This means you will be able to have a constant presence on Pinterest without working your fingers to the bone. Keep in mind, that although there are optimal peak times for posting, your readers are on Pinterest at different times of the day. Sometimes when they can’t sleep at 3AM, during their work break at noon, 4PM on their bus ride home, and 10PM while they’re scrolling during the commercials of their favourite TV show. Do not miss the opportunity of reaching more audience.

Tailwind Stats


Writing Everything Down

This step has been huuuuge for me. I’m a very clumsy, easily disoriented type of person, so writing things down has been crucial in my blog’s growth and success, and I know it will continue to be so in the future. Owning a blog is constant work. There are always issues that come up, there are always emails to be answered, always something to be fixed, always something to be monitored, always something to improve… Like clockwork. Whoever told you running a blog was easy, wasn’t running a blog! Due to the endless amount of work to be done, it is absolutely mandatory that you write everything down (with a pen or pencil – not typed out on your computer)! Write your to-do list, write your hopes and aspirations, write what’s bothering you and how you’re going to fix it, just write. Get your head on straight and work your way through each item. It is a huge relief, especially if you get overwhelmed with a lot to do like myself. I promise!

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Next Steps


Perfect SEO

As you read above, 90% of my traffic hails from Pinterest, but I’d also definitely like to work on improving my SEO so more of my traffic can come from search engines like Google. I love using Yoast WordPress SEO, as it’s been tremendously helpful and user-friendly. Seeing that green light makes my toes curl! Lol.



I’ve recently just implemented ads on my blog through monumetric. It’s my 6th day and I’ve already made some good ol’ cash and didn’t have to lift a finger. I’m also really excited to create blogging resource ebooks and ecourses for you guys as well.


Improve my Content

I’d have to pat myself on the back for how much I’ve already progressed with my writing. My recent posts have been fairly lengthy, informative, and SEO friendly. I’ve even gone back and “revamped” some of my old blog posts because when I first began blogging a) I didn’t have my blogging voice and b) Well, I didn’t know much in general. I was writing as if I didn’t have anything special to offer. I mean, the topics definitely had potential, but I didn’t do them justice because there just wasn’t enough content in them. No introductory paragraphs, no deep links, no heartiness. However, looking back, these posts are great reminders to see how far I’ve come, and it’s always definitely a good laugh. In fact, check out one of the first Pinterest graphics I’ve ever made…

First Pinterest Graphic Ever Made by Nialogique Lol

Horrible right?! Lol! (Here’s a short how-to on making some coolio pinterest graphics, by the way.)


Grow my Email List

I recently just checked my email list, last week actually… And to my surprise, I had 300+ subscribers I’ve been neglecting. Thus, last week I sent out my first newsletter. I’m pretty sure it was hideous (I will get better at those too, okay?!), but I felt a sense of relief because it was another step in the right direction. I’ve read plenty of articles from when I first began blogging 4 months ago, up until today, that building your subscribers list should be one of your main priorities. Not only do mailing lists allow your readers to keep clicking back and scoping out what’s new with your website, but it also allows you to engage and build a deeper, personalized relationship with your readers.


What are your favourite and least favourite parts about running a blog? Let me know in the comment section below!