Once upon a time, when I first started out in the blogging world (a few months ago), I used to write really ineffective blog post titles (along with crappy content), and constantly ponder why on earth my traffic was non-existent. Of course it takes loads of practiz and skillz to achieve SEO optimization supreme god(dess) deluxe, and in no ways am I in said status levels, but it’s something I’m constantly working, researching, and improving on. Thankfully, I have gotten much better, and was even able to reach 30,000 monthly users in the first 4 months of launching Nialogique.

The truth is, the only way your readers will ever click on your content is if a) the title is attention-grabbing, interesting, and/or helpful or b) the graphics promoting the content is clear, professional, and eye-catching. (And if you’re lost in a world of optimized pinterest images, I have you covered: How To Create Bomb Pinterest Graphics.) But for now, let’s focus on properly marketing your blog post. This is what will draw potential readers into the meat and potatoes of your content, thus, very important. Vurry, vurry important.


How To Write Effective Blog Post Titles | Stumped on making a successful blog post title for your blog post? Here's how to gain a reader's attention, make a powerful first impression, and gain loads of traffic to your website. (Includes 50 buzzwords to use in your headlines!)

When Coming Up With A Blog Post Title, Consider…


Your Title Strategy

There are 2 types of emotional responses you can trigger with your blog post titles.

Positive Reaction:

Positive reaction marketing is used to offer the reader a how-to, a remedy for an issue, the ability to be part of a group and/or commonality, or the ability to better oneself and surroundings.

– Exclusivity
“5 Things Only 30-Year-Olds Understand”

– Improvement
13 Foolproof Ways To Improve Your Life and Become a Better Person

– Problem Solving
7 Easy Ways To Get a Better Night’s Sleep”

– The Ability to Know More
Cheap Flight Tickets: The Trick You’ve Never Heard Of

– Positive Urgency
“3 Easy Things You Can Do To Be Happy Today”

Negative Reaction:

This type of marketing is mostly used to trigger a negative response such as fear, anxiety, or shock. It is sometimes followed up with a product, tool, or advice to transform the negative response into a positive result.

– Concern Clicks
“The 5 Household Items That Are Killing You”

– Not Good Enough? Here’s How To Fix It
“The Workout That’ll Transform You From Fat to Fabulous”

– (Agree or Disagree) Controversy
“Why Vegans Are the Most Annoying People on the Planet”

– Negative Urgency
“Bloggers are Losing Money From This One Mistake – Act Now or You Will Too”


Who Your Target Audience Is

Knowing who your target audience is not only crucial in sustaining and maintaining your blog’s success, but it’s a vital step in coming up with attention-grabbing blog post titles. Without having clear direction to whom you’re trying to connect with, your content will get lost within the hundreds of thousands of other blog pages who took the time to strategize and identify their target audience. Using words such as “you” and “your” in your titles and content make a powerful, immediate connection with the reader, as you are undoubtedly singling them out and making it more personal. If you’re writing a post on why new bloggers fail, an excellent title would be “why your new blog is failing”, however a title such as “why new bloggers fail within the first 3 months” is effective as well, as you’re still making it clear who the article is for. Like a moth to a flame!


How You’ll Draw Them In

How are you going to draw your audience in? What is going to make you stand out? How can you be as clear as possible?



People love receiving a “+1” in what’s already being offered — It’s human nature. This is why you’ll see so many experienced bloggers offer perks such as downloadable checklists, inspiring messages you can print out and plaster on your wall, bonus tutorials, a copy of their free ebook upon signup, etc. etc. etc. There are about a million and one ways to engage readers in your content with additional features, it’s just up to you to get creative with it!

Take this blog post, as an example. Not only am I offering you advice on how to lure readers in by making attention-grabbing blog post titles, I’m also offering a bonus of 50 buzzwords to use in them. It doesn’t take much more effort, but it works as a double whammy.


Numbered list

As a blogger, numbered lists are your best friend. They make your readers want to click on your blog post because of how much easier it is to read. C’mon, would you rather browse “The 3 Teas You Need for Optimal Health” or “Green Tea Nutritional Neuroscience”? Lists, especially alongside numbers, make it clear and simple to scan for information —Which makes us feel like we learned something new, without much required effort. They also give the reader an idea of exactly how much they’ll be reading, how much more they’ll be reading, and when it’ll end. #LazyBabes



50 Attention-Grabbing Power Words to Use in Your Blog Post Titles 


50 Power Words To Use in Marketing


  1. You/Your
  2. How To
  3. Life-Changing
  4. Hacks
  5. Ultimate
  6. Challenge
  7. Critical
  8. Revolutionary
  9. Provocative
  10. Turbo-Charge
  11. Professional
  12. Science
  13. Popular
  14. Immediately
  15. Evergreen
  16. Attractive
  17. Top
  18. Value
  19. Huge
  20. Smart
  21. Improve
  22. Competitive
  23. Discover
  24. Best
  25. Worst
  26. Entrepreneurship
  27. Effective
  28. Smart
  29. Powerful
  30. Unexpected
  31. Quick
  32. Extraordinary
  33. Complete
  34. Easy
  35. Empower
  36. Organic
  37. Viral
  38. Affordable
  39. Blow Your Mind
  40. Grow
  41. Secrets
  42. Risky
  43. Free
  44. Never
  45. Heartwarming
  46. Proven
  47. Essential
  48. Surprising
  49. Overnight
  50. Fail-proof



Ok rockstar! Get to writing! What are your favourite power words to use in blog posts?