We’ve all heard it before: “Write it down”, but why? Why does something like writing ideas down make things real? Typing out what needs to be done is easier, but it doesn’t bring the same gratification or effect that writing does. Technology brings a sense of non-completion to your written thought, since your laptop/tablet/cellphone was actually the one who wrote it for you. The process of self to self has been obstructed, disconnecting us from our performance. No matter who you are, how incredible or horrible your life is at the moment, take the time out to purchase a notebook or journal and use it. This simple act has the ability to change your life by providing you with clarity and organization, which in turn, aids you in manifesting your dreams and desires, while also allowing negative emotions to pass through without them feeling like a permanent obstacle. In fact, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when expressing emotions such as sadness and anger, as it’s our instinctive outlet. Embracing negative emotions is a perfectly healthy form of expression, allowing us to release our frustrations and subsequently make us feel lighter. Here’s why it’s so crucial for us to use writing as a necessary tool for personal growth and wellbeing.


Why You Should Be Writing Everything Down as a Blogger and Entrepreneur


1. You forget your ideas

You’ll be able to revisit your thoughts which would have otherwise fleeted. If you’re a creative  or in business, this is especially important!


2. Write about what’s bothering you

This works so well. This way it will be on your list bothering you, and will bother you until it bothers you again. Scratching it off will make you feel accomplished and lighter.


3. Better focus

Making lists of what needs to be done will declutter your brain and provide you with a calmer, clearer mindset for completing your tasks one by one.


4. You’ll be able to process your emotions better

Whether it be a battle of conscience or measuring your feelings towards your situations and atmospheres, writing things down gives you a gradual awareness to your inner conflicts.


5. Manifestation and visualization

Writing of what you’d like for the future will help you visualize your desires, while also helping you keep organized and inspired to actually take the necessary steps and actions towards your dreams.



What do you guys think? Do you feel like you’ve been writing enough?