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5 Personal Things You Didn’t Know About Me

5 Personal Things You Didn't Know About Me

  One. I believe it’s really important to be a multi-faceted person. From my observations *adjusts glasses*, it seems that many individuals define themselves by one trait. For example — If one is intelligent, they constantly have to live up to their “smart diagnosis”. There’s a constant weight on their shoulders to live up to […]

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Women’s Shaving Hacks: How To Achieve The Perfect Shave

5 Shaving Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know | shaving tips

      1. Shave At The End Of Your Shower Make sure to always save shaving until the end of your shower routine. The moisture and steam help to soften and expand the hairs, making them easier to remove.   2. Exfoliate Before Shaving There’s a common misconception that you should exfoliate after shaving […]

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3 Crazy Hair Myths That Need To Die

3 Hair Myths It's Time To Stop Believing

        Hair Myth #1: You Can Fix Split Ends With The Right Products No hair product can bind split hair back into one piece. The only way of truly repairing your split ends is with a haircut. If you can’t bare the thought of losing any length in your hair, use binding […]

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7 Ways To Have a Happier, Healthier Morning

How To Have a Happier, Healthier Morning

          1. Resist the urge to check your notifications Those sneaky phone notifications always seem so urgent, but do your best to not start your day off by checking emails, scrolling through social media, and answering text messages. By checking your device first thing in the morning, you’ve immediately put yourself […]

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Why I Don’t Drink

Why I Don't Drink Alcohol

When I tell somebody I don’t know very well that I don’t drink, I’m usually met with responses and reactions like: – Confusion – Assumptions that I used to be an alcoholic – Assumptions that I’m pregnant – Assumptions that I’m boring and don’t know how to have fun – Remarks such as “Oh! You […]

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