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The WP Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Understanding and Implementing SEO

  When you first begin blogging, learning about SEO can be filled with an abundance of “what da hecks” and sighs galore. In this post, I wanted to debunk the confusion and work together at the beginner’s level in WordPress, through a plugin called Yoast SEO. (Lucky us, it’s free!) This plugin allows you to input […]

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How To Customize the ConvertKit Incentive Form

Customize ConvertKit Incentive Form

  The dreaded blue button. The ‘powered by ConvertKit’ text. The uncentered text and image! *falls to the ground and throws hands into the sky* The horror!!! Just kidding. Our friends over at ConvertKit know that we’re picky with how we present stuff on our websites — which is precisely why they have a place for us to input […]

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How To Create a Newsletter for Your Blog

How To Create a Newsletter

  Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk to you about something really important, and that is about how to create a newsletter for your website. If you haven’t already gotten onto the email marketing train, now is the time to do it — no matter how far along you are in your blogging journey. I […]

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5 WordPress Plugins That Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

How To Reduce Your Blog's Bounce Rate

Hey, sugar peas! Are you tired of gazing at your Google Analytics page and seeing a 60+% mark as your bounce rate? P-U. This means that you’ve got some serious re-strategizing to do! Bounce rates are super important because they indicate which percentage of your blog’s visitors are staying and which are sadly, but surely, leaving you in the […]

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