Tired of your endless search for Pinterest group boards open to contributions? Yeah, I feel you.

This is precisely why I’ve decided to take that time-consuming task away from you and let you focus on more valuable undertakings. Such as… content creation! *throws hands up* Hallelujah!

Now, before we jump into the list of group boards, let’s quickly go over how to be added into them.

Every group board creator is different. This means that you have to be sure to read group board descriptions for instructions on how to become a contributor. Some will ask you to follow them on Pinterest and e-mail them, some will ask you to leave a comment under a pin, some will even have a specific form on their website for you to fill out.

Keep in mind that the creators make these rules for a reason. It’s probably their best way of staying organized for group adds — so if you don’t follow the instructions, you may miss out on being added.

Pinterest group boards are a super cutthroat business 😉

Alright, so now that we’ve covered some group board law, let’s get into it!


The Ultimate List of Pinterest Group Boards | 50+ group boards open for contributions for every type of blogger and every type of niche.


Blogging + Business

1. The Blog Library

2. Creative Bloggers & Biz Owners

3. Infopreneur Resources // Creative Entrepreneurs

4. Blogging Tips & Tools 

5. Solopreneur Success



6. Favorite Foods & Recipes

7. Food Bloggers Group Board

8. Favorite Food Bloggers!

9. Vegan Community

10. Best Food Blogger Recipes


beauty + fashion

11. Hair and Beauty

12. Fashion Bloggers Unite

13. Fashion Bloggers OOTD

14. Fashion Bloggers We Love

15. Fashion Bloggers Group Board


natural + health

16. Healthy Blogging Board

17. Natural Living + Real Food

18. Natural Health & Herbal Remedies 

19. Herbal & Natural Remedies 

20. Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle 



21. The Creative Lifestyle Bloggers

22. Twenty-Something Career and Lifestyle Bloggers

23. #BloggersGetSocial 

24. Blog Passion Project 

25. Lifestyle Blogging Network 



26. DIY @ Home & Family Living

27. DIY Furniture Ideas 

28. Best DIY Pins

29. Creative DIY 

30. Amazing DIY Projects 



31. Travel Bloggers Unite

32. World of Wanderlust 

33. Your Travel Blog

34. Travel Inspiration from Top Travel Bloggers

35. Awesome Travel Blogs Group Board


family + parenting

36. Marriage & Relationships Group Board

37. Mommy Lifestyle Group Board

38. Family Lifestyle Bloggers

39. Moms Helping Moms Group Board

40. Secrets to a Happy Marriage


budgeting + frugality

41. Tips for Budgeting & Frugal Living 

42. Making Money & Saving Money

43. Saving Money

44. Awesome Money Saving Tips and Tricks

45. Frugal Living Ideas & Money Saving Tips


everything else

46. Female Bloggers Free for All

47. Millennial Mindset Group Board

48. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board

49. These Gold Bloggers

50. Bloggers Gonna Blog

51. Ultimate Bloggers Group Board

52. #BloggingLikeABoss

53. .Bloggers Unite.

54. Whatcha Bloggin’ About? 

55. The Bloggers Collective


What are your favourite group boards? Let me know what your recommendations are below!