All professional and experienced bloggers know the undeniable power of Pinterest. This powerhouse social network and search engine boasts over 100+ million active users, allowing business owners to gain quality exposure and promote their content in a way other social networks simply can’t. You’re able to build your brand profile, rank higher on search engines, get more traffic, and ultimately, get more sales. Pinterest is your life line as an online entrepreneur/blogger. Not receiving enough traffic? Not generating any income? Feel like your website is going nowhere? You have to look inside and towards your Pinterest strategies, because this is where your blog has the potential to evolve.


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So, what’s the fail-proof Pinterest strategy to grow your blog or biz, you ask?

Scheduling your pins.

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Why Is Scheduling Pins Important?


- 24 Hour Social Presence

Yes, folks. You can have a 24 hour presence on your business Pinterest account without going crazy. It’s essential to remember that your blog has the potential to be read by people from all over the world, and by limiting yourself to only pinning once in a while, or even once a day, can be a huge loss for your business.

Let’s take a look at these example scenarios:

#1: You work a regular 9 to 5 job, and only have time to pin your blog posts after you’ve come home from your 45 minute commute, made dinner, showered, got the kids ready for bed — and before you know it, it’s 9PM. So you go on over to good ol’ Pinterest with all of the strength you can muster, and repin your content to your group boards. But guess what? It was only done once. And that means although you will have some users click on your pin, you have missed an entire day of promoting your content to reach a larger audience.

#2: Again, you work in an office doing a 9 to 5. So, you post every day at 8AM and 6PM, unintentionally assuming that every one works the same schedule you do, and will be scrolling through Pinterest the same hours you do as well. Perhaps single mothers that work 2 jobs aren’t able to have down time until midnight, or folks who work overnights aren’t able to get on Pinterest until 6AM, and so on and so forth. The point is, many people have different schedules and it’s important to keep them in mind.

#3: You pin one of your posts, once every evening at 6PM and you’re located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Now, that will reach the online Pinterest users located in the Pacific Time Zone, but for the audience located in let’s say… London, England, who are under a different time zone, and 8 hours ahead of LA, you won’t be reaching many users as it’ll be 2AM there. This is why it’s so important to have your pins circulate Pinterest at different hours of the day.


- More exposure leads to more income

Don’t get me wrong, ok? This heading is a little misleading. What I mean by this, is that you don’t necessarily need to have 100,000 monthly users to be successful. In fact, many businesses thrive off of 5000, even 1000 users per month. It’s all about gaining the right type of people — The ones who keep coming back to your website, are supportive, give you constructive criticism, read your content thoroughly, and follow your journey. But in order to build a relationship with your target audience, you have to gain exposure in order for your content to “stick” with them. If no one knows you exist, no one will come lookin’, and that’s just the plain honest truth of it. If your blog post is constantly popping up on Pinterest’s users feeds, they will eventually click on it.  Schedule your pins, gain that necessary exposure, and build your circle!


- Save Time

Spending countless of hours manually repinning your content to Pinterest group boards is sure to drive you absolutely mad. Scheduling your pins is a great way of saving you loads of precious time, and give you the ability to focus on more heavy duty activities such as writing posts, bookkeeping, strategizing, and so on and so forth.


Why Tailwind?


- My blog went from zero to hero

I didn’t know anything about blogging when I first started Nialogique, but what I did know was that promotion and marketing needed to take place in order for anyone to read itTailwind instantaneously became my secret weapon, and aided me in gaining 30,000 monthly users in my first 4 months of blogging.


- Bulk Scheduling

Hi, yes, hello. Convenience here. Schedule all of your pins in one simple click with their browser extension, off of any website or Pinterest account. Point, blank, period.


- Unlimited Pinning

This is originally what sold me on Tailwind. When I first started Nialogique, I was using other social media schedulers which only offered a certain amount of pins per month, for a price that was way too high. I’m not sure there’s a more uncomfortable feeling as an entrepreneur to feel like you are contained or restricted when it comes to your creativity and/or business. Then with a little research, I came across Tailwind, alongside a plethora of reviews from full-time bloggers ranting and raving about how fantastic and intelligent Tailwind was — and boy, were they right. I’m glad I no longer receive emails stating that I’ve reached my pin limit and I need to upgrade my account, what a nuisance!


- Recommended Schedule

 The cool thing about Tailwind is that it gives you a recommended schedule, on top of your own pinning schedule setup. Thus, let’s say you are pinning one of your blog posts to your group boards once every 2 hours — Once at 7PM and once at 9PM. Tailwind will still post to Pinterest on your desired schedule, but you’ll notice that they’ll offer you a time slot (marked in green) at another time such as, let’s say, 8:30PM, showing you that your pins have performed well at this time in the past. And it’s completely up to you whether or not you’d like to use this suggested time or not.


- Approved Pinterest Partner

 If you go over and take a look over here, you will see that Pinterest has approved Tailwind as a Marketing Developer Partner. As you can see by the very short list, not many are able to call themselves that. This means that Pinterest stands by Tailwind’s sophisticated platform, thus, you should too.


- Board Insight + Profile Performance

 Another goldie ingredient of Tailwind’s awesomeness. The board insight and profile performance features allow you to track and monitor your Pinterest’s activity including followers, pins, repins, your engagement rate and more. You are able to measure your success, without manually doing so!


- Affordable

 Tailwind is perfect for bloggers and business owners who are on a budget (and hey, even if you’re not — this powerhouse scheduler is still the way to go). Tailwind’s pricing is $10 a month on an annual billing plan (which is paid in full at signup), or $15 on a month to month basis.


What does the Tailwind Plus Plan include, anyways?

– Unlimited pinning (on the annual plan)
– Personalized schedule creation
– Bulk uploads
– Advanced pinning tools (Bookmarklet, Chrome + Firefox plugins)
– Import from 3rd parties such as Instagram, Facebook, and Canva
– Daily profile and board metrics
– 7 day historical data
– 7 day organic pinning activity measurements
– Online support
– Invite one other coworker or client to access your dashboard (2 collaborators included)


And the best part is, if you’re not ready for commitment just yet, Tailwind does offer a free trial to whose who’d like to test out the waters first. Woohoo!


What do you look for in a social media scheduler? How do you gain traffic to your website? Let’s chat in the comments below!