There’s nothing wrong with choosing a steady 9-5 paycheck, as many of us need to be secure in our finances to keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe. But what if working for another company isn’t in your calling? What if the only times you feel fulfilled and accomplished is when you’re able to use your own creative self-expression? The truth is, if you’re serious about becoming the minority of whom “make it” in the business realm, you’ll need certain characteristics to become successful (and your get-rich-quick-scheme and love for money won’t be the ones to do it!). Being a business owner is not easy and if it were, everyone would be one. Here are the top 6 signs you are destined to be an entrepreneur.
6 Signs You're Destined To Be an Entrepreneur | Being a business owner is not easy and if it were, everyone would be one. Here are the top, telltale signs that you are meant to be the boss of your own company!


1. Nothing holds you back

You don’t see an absence of money, formal education, experience, or support as an obstacle to your success. Nothing and no one on this planet can change your mind or stop you from prospering. You know what you want and possess the burning drive, hunger, and persistence to reach all of your entrepreneurial goals and aspirations.


2. Labeled rebellious

Growing up your family members and teachers would get frustrated with you, labeling you as rebellious, stubborn, and maybe even “out of control”. You didn’t take the path everyone else wanted you to take, such as finishing school, or listening to career advice from them. Deep down you always knew that you were going to create a life for yourself despite the path society has tried to embed in you. You create your own opportunities, your own reality, and there is absolutely no way in hell you’re about to settle for a life of conformity.


3. You’re good with money

You know the value of money. You’re a minimalist and know that no millionaire has gotten rich by spending money on useless things. You’re more than happy to invest cash into your company as long as it benefits the business in the long run, but as far as spewing out dough on ego goods and nonessentials (especially prior to true financial stability) is a no go. You use your money with intention and don’t spend it all in one place.


4. You refuse to comply with authority figures

Nothing terrifies you more than working for someone else for the rest of your life (and also the unavoidable dreaded small talk in the workplace). You have always been turned off by the idea of someone breathing down your neck, dictating how you should do your work, and sometimes even speaking to you in a condescending manner. And in turn, even with your best swallow-your-pride efforts, your visionary qualities have rubbed your bosses and teachers the wrong way. You have a history of not being able to hold (or want to hold) a steady 9-5 job due to your desire for creating something new, something innovative, and something more efficient.


5. You’re creative

You’ve always been original, visionary, and a natural born leader. Throughout your whole life, loved ones (and sometimes even strangers), have consistently come to you for advice, seeking your guidance and knowledge to situations, which to you, have felt like common sense or an easy solution. As it turns out, your intensely creative and critical thinking is one of your most profound strengths. Another mark of creativity, is your planning and organization skills. One of your most important tools is your notebook, because you understand the power of writing it down. Although your ideas as a creative may be free-flowing, you know they will not come to life without a well-executed, strategic plan.


6. You daydream at your 9-5 job

Your mind is constantly wandering off about dreams of travelling the world, being able to wake up when you want to, and no longer forcing yourself into small talk.  You know you deserve more because you constantly envision it.


What do you guys think? Do you have any of these traits?