Web hosting is really important, y’all. Creating and promoting high quality content is an essential part of online business, but without a web host that aligns with your needs, your digital identity can experience some serious, cringe-worthy down time.

So, let me tell you about what happened to me, why I made the switch to WP Engine, and how you can avoid making the same mistake that I did.


Why I Switched From Bluehost to WP Engine | Click through to find out if it's time for you to upgrade your web hosting provider too!


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 Approximately 11 months after the inception of NIALOGIQUE, I received this email from Bluehost:

Why I Made The Switch From Bluehost to WP Engine


When I tell you that I felt my heart fall into my ass, I am not kidding.

In a disgruntled panic, I immediately called tech support. The agent asked me to try and delete some plugins from the cPanel (as I was not able to access my website at all), and call back again.

I followed his instructions, with no luck.

I was asked to delete more. And again, nothin’.

It seemed that the “performance problem” ended up being my traffic. Shared hosting servers can be extremely crowded (1000+ users) and naturally, a spike in traffic is deemed as using excessive resources. To make a long story short, ya girl got the boot.

Did I cry and stress eat for the 4 days my website was down? Maybe.

Did they break any rules? No. According to Bluehost’s User Agreement, accounts with a large number of files can be terminated, with or without notice.

It seems that it was simply just time for me to continue growing and move on. And I’m thinking maybe it’s time for many of you to upgrade your web hosting provider (before disaster hits) too.

Here are some pros and cons of each host to help you decide:

Bluehost Pros:

– Inexpensive
– 24/7 support
– Complete online presence (hosting, email, + free domain upon signup)
– Great for beginners and easy to use

Bluehost Cons:

– Loading times are pretty much at the speed of a turtle
– Not truly unlimited (going over 3GB of database usage or 1000 database tables will get your account terminated)

WP Engine Pros:

– Their award-winning support team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week
– Exceptional customer service (I’ve never had to wait longer than 1 minute to get in touch with an agent)
– You can test your plugins and themes in a separate staging area (prevents your website from crashing unexpectedly)
– Automated daily site backups
– If your site gets hacked, they’ll fix it for free
– You’re able to move your site over to their platform for free

WP Engine Cons:

– Pricey
– If your number of visitors exceeds your plan limit, additional charges apply


Final Thoughts:

Do I still recommend Bluehost? Yes. But only under the premise that you are just starting out with your website or you’re only looking to blog as a hobby. It’s an inexpensive option that gives you the chance to test the waters and see if blogging is your thing.

However, if you have been blogging for a few months and you’re looking to become a serious blogger or an online entrepreneur, WP Engine is the optimal choice and most professional way to go.


As always, holler if you have any questions in the comment section below!