5 Shaving Hacks Every Girl Needs | shaving tips, beauty tips, beauty hacks, smooth legs


1. Shave At The End Of Your Shower

Make sure to always save shaving until the end of your shower routine. The moisture and steam help to soften and expand the hairs, making them easier to remove.

2. Exfoliate Before Shaving

There’s a common misconception that you should exfoliate after shaving but this is a huge no-no! Your skin is super sensitive after shaving and the last thing you want to do is cause irritation or redness. Exfoliating before a shave will ensure that you have the cleanest, smoothest slate to work with, as it’ll help remove any dead skin cells and toxins that were sitting on the top layer of your skin.

3. Use Hair Conditioner Instead of Shaving Cream

If you haven’t tried using a conditioner for shaving, you need to asap! I promise you, even purchasing the cheapest hair conditioner you can find will work miracles on your skin. Shaving with it alone is such a good feeling because it softens the hairs and gives such a precise shave, but the after results are what will really make you fall in love. It leaves your skin as smooth as silk!

4. Bend Your Knees To Get A Close Shave

I used to be notorious for just going over my leg with a razor while it was positioned straight and then being confused as to why I had knee stubble. To get those pesky hairs, bend your knee while shaving in that area and you’ll be able to get a really smooth, close shave.

5. Don’t Leave Your Razor In The Shower

Yup — I know leaving a razor in the shower may seem like the most convenient place to store it, but keeping them where water has the potential for hitting it ends up dulling the blades and leaving your razor at risk for developing germs. Keep your razor somewhere dry to reduce the risk of getting cuts and infections.

Do you guys already use any of these hacks? Any other tips I should add? Let’s chat in the comment section below. 🙂