Hey, sugar peas!

Are you tired of gazing at your Google Analytics page and seeing a 60+% mark as your bounce rate?


This means that you’ve got some serious re-strategizing to do!

Bounce rates are super important because they indicate which percentage of your blog’s visitors are staying and which are sadly, but surely, leaving you in the dust.

In this blog post we’re going to be discussing the 5 WordPress plugins that can help you lower your bounce rate and keep people from disappearing after one page.


How To Reduce Your Blog's Bounce Rate | Keep users engaged and interested in your website's content by installing these 5 free WordPress plugins. Click through to find out what they are and how they can help your blog and business!


1. Related Posts by Sovrn

The best part of this plugin is that the related blog posts are built in to each of your articles. This creates a sophisticated, delicate hint for the visitors to continue reading.

This plugin is definitely not your average spammy-looking, pop-up desperado begging you to stay a little longer.

Related Posts are subtle and sexy — Gently seducing your visitors by being kind of like, ‘hey… I’ve got more where that came from’.

You also get to manually choose which blog posts you’d like to associate with each article. They even give you an option to automatically recommend other pages from around the web. So, if you’d like to share another blogger’s post which is similar to yours or is an extension to the same topic — That is doable.

And yes, you do get to customize what it looks like on your page. 😉


2. Comment Redirect

I lovelovelove this plugin. My homie, for sure.

Basically, how this plugin works is very simple. When someone comments on a blog post of yours, it redirects them to a page of your choice.

That page should thank them for taking time out of their day to comment, of course!

But no, this doesn’t mean that that page will only say “thanks, have a good day”.

This means that your page will also point your readers to more content. So that could include some of your older blog posts, you could tell them to subscribe to your blog, or you could include all of your social media links so they can stay in touch and keep up with what’s next.


3. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Ouuuu, the godfather of page speed optimization.

Here’s a mistake a lot of website owners do: They don’t shrink their websites images.

If your site takes a wild blue yonder and a politician’s speech to load, no one’s going to stick around waiting for your blog to magically appear on their screen.

In fact, 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Thus, a great way of reducing your blog’s bounce rate is by assuring that it loads quickly.

And one of the best ways to do that is by compressing your images.

This plugin automatically condenses your JPEG and PNG photos, without compromising their quality.

Storage space and bandwidth conservation ftw!


4. Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is an awesome plugin.

Whenever someone comments on one of your posts, it sends them a ‘thank you’ email.

But it doesn’t just need to be ‘thank you’.

It can be a ‘here’s a coupon code for 25% off your next purchase on my website’.

It can be ‘here’s access to my private Facebook group’.

It can be ‘here’s a link to my free stock images’.

These techniques bring people in and make them keep coming back.

This plugin also allows you to choose when the email gets sent out. Not feeling it in 5 minutes? Send it to them in 5 days to give them a solid reminder.


5. Relevanssi

Tired of the standard WordPress search sorting your website’s search results by date and not relevance?

Yeah, me too. Well, everyone is.

Relevanssi sorts what someone searches on your website by suitability to the keyword, which makes it much easier for your readers to find what they’re looking for.

This plugin also highlights the search terms for your visitors so they can scan through the page effortlessly.

Aaaand it even has a Google-style “Did you mean?” suggestion feature if one of your readers accidentally makes a typo.

This plugin is a valuable asset to your website’s bounce rate as it allows users to immediately catch sight of what they need.

If someone comes to your website and makes a search and what they’re expecting isn’t there, believe me, they are going to hit that old dusty trail and vamoose right out of there.



So there you have it, folks. What’s your bounce rate like? Which plugins will you be installing?
Let’s chat below!